Pure Aloe Vera Gel – (no added Color & Fragrance)

200.00 inc of GST

Our Aloe Vera Gel is very gentle on your skin and has no added Colors or Fragrance. It has 92-97% pure Aloe Juice. The remaining ingredients include Gelling Materials, pH Neutralizers (Sodium Bicarbonate) to activate Gelling.

Our Process:
Fresh Organic Aloe Vera comes from our Aloe Farm in Rajasthan, India, and processed at our nearby facility. Our Organically grown Aloe Vera Products are used by Small to Large Pharma, Cosmetic and FMCG companies for making food products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (skincare, lotion, shampoos, gels, sanitizers, etc.)

We can provide Certificate of Analysis documentation required for any export requirement.


200g, 1Kg


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