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Divine Javadhu Powder
Javadhu Powder – 5g

60.00 inc of GST

60.00 inc of GST

Javadhu Powder – 5g

60.00 inc of GST

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Javadhu has a rich history of use by Saints (Sithars) living in Tamil Nadu. Its use has been documented in scriptures dated 1000s of years ago. It was created by the spiritual gurus to support them in their spiritual practices and during meditation. Later its popularity rose among the royal kings, nobles, and priests across the Asian Subcontinent. As of today, the process of Javadhu Making is a closely guarded secret with a few references in the public domain and very few family-run businesses like us make authentic Blends.

The Fragrance Notes of Javdhu:

Javadhu Perfume is a harmonious blend of Pure Sandalwood Oil, Vetiver, Floral Extracts, and Herbal/Spice Resinoids. It has great diffusion and stays with you for the whole day.

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